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Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning is one of the essential moments in the service that we provide to our customers. This item is in constant contact with the human body during sleep, and since it makes up at least a third of our lives, the condition of the mattress deserves special attention.

The mattress is subject to the maximum exposure to biological fluids (human sweat, etc.), which creates a breeding ground for microorganisms and dust mites living in it, causing allergy in adults and especially in children. It is recommended to deep clean your mattress at least twice a year. This will help keep the product clean and preserve your health and the health of your family. Moreover, the mattress will serve longer and you will save money, considering that a good one is not cheap.

 We clean both surfaces of mattresses, including the sides, providing disinfection, removing dust and mite sediments and their waste products, as well as odours and stains with "Karcher". It's excellent equipment. All this will ensure top results and, ultimately, the item will be cleared of pathogens, will become safer and better-looking and will take on a clean and fresh look.

Our experts examine each type of impurities individually and select the best-fitting way of cleaning and the most appropriate detergents to maximize the effect of cleaning.

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