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Popular methods of carpet cleaning.

Independent carpet cleaning at home is real, if You are not very soiled carpets. From generation to generation, passed on the ways to clean the carpet, having the minimum set of tools.
The most popular way to clean carpet of snow. Here the carpet is placed base down in the snow, on top namethat on the snow, then carefully clean off the snow from the pile with a broom or brush. You can also put a rug turned upside down, square on top of the snow, and then knock him right on the snow.
This method is not very convenient when the size of the carpet more than six meters, because it is difficult to take out on the street, especially a woman. Also you must wait for the appropriate weather, also, this method does not remove odors and most stains.
To remove oily stains people use chalk or talcum powder. Put on top of blotting paper and iron hot iron until the blotter absorbs the grease. This method allows you only to lighten the greasy stain, but not remove it.
For odor removal use vinegar or acetic acid diluted with water. This method basically removes the smell for a short time and does not eliminate the cause of the smell.
There are other ways to remove contaminants using salt, cleaning sawdust, etc.