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What is cause of mold on rugs and furniture at home?

Mold originated long before humans. Molds together with the dust and are on the ground and in the air, and then move into our homes. Fungal spores invisible to the human eye and freely borne on the wind.
Once mold spores get into a warm moist environment, where there is enough light, they immediately begin to multiply at high speed, leaving dark spots that we call mold.Mold can appear not only in the bathroom, on the walls, but also on upholstered furniture, carpets.
Споры плесени на ковровых покрытиях. Химчистка ковров и мягкой мебели.
Causes of mold: The main reasons are heat, high humidity, inadequate ventilation, sealed plastic window, a close arrangement of sofas, chairs against the wall (no air circulation), a wrong mode of airing and drying clothes in the room and also upholstered furniture, mattresses and pillows filled with rubber (sweat appears within the mold).
Worse, over time mold not only justified on the material surface, but also penetrates. Thinnest filaments of the mycelium (thickness about 1 micron) twist around the building structure and penetrate it deeper and deeper, and this leads to rapid destruction of soft furniture. The smell of mildew appears as a result of vital activity of microorganisms, i.e., it is allocated with molds of volatile chemical compounds. Regularly getting into the lungs, the spores cause the development of allergic disease - rhinitis and bronchial asthma.Cleanliness, dryness and good ventilation of the dwelling almost fully resolve the problem of mold.