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Apartment cleaning after renovation

Time to time, we all need apartment cleaning after renovation. Once you have completed renovating your apartment, you immediately face the problem of bringing it in order, preferably as fast as possible and with minimal cleaning costs.

Уборка помещений после ремонта. Уборка квартиры после ремонта. Уборка строительной пыли.After all, you will hardly manage to wash cement and grout off bathroom or lavatory tiles with an ordinary wet cloth. Such impurities can be removed with the help of special cleaning agents with an acidic pH. Specific skills are required to use such substances, since they can ruin expensive tiles or floor when used improperly.

It is also practically impossible to remove construction dust using a usual cloth or a home vacuum cleaner – you will just smear it around the apartment. This is where powerful professional vacuum cleaners and special cleansers come to rescue, enabling to completely remove construction dust from the premises.

Window cleaning after construction works is a particularly painstaking job. It can take up to half of all time spent on apartment or cottage cleaning. Especially difficult is removing adhesive labels, which seem to become inseparable from the window frame because of sun heat, as well as wiping off cement, glue and other substances. Apart from these simple examples there are many more crucial points that can be described at length.

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