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How connected bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis with household dust?

Currently there are over 150 known substances, compounds and their components which can cause allergy in humans. This also sheds some light on why it is necessary to regularly clean carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, as well as the house on the whole.

Зависимость заболеваний от наличия пыли. Аллергия на пыль

According to statistics, every fourth person of the Earth suffers from some form of allergy, with over 80% of people with bronchial asthma, 11% of people with urticaria and 46% of people with allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis allergic to domestic dust.

Let us examine the dust which can be found in every home and office in more detail. It is one of the most dangerous causes of allergy because it contains a comprehensive set of allergens.

The dust is mainly composed of dust mites (up to several thousand organisms in one gram of dust), horny scales and skin epithelium, excrements of domestic insects and mites, pollen, as well as the dead bodies and toxins of various fungi and bacteria.

All these natural allergens are removed from your sofas, carpets or favourite mattresses during cleaning. This will prevent the inhalation of dust with all its components described above. It has been recently proved that the greatest danger in the development of allergic diseases is associated with dust mites.