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What's the couse of dirty smell?

The cause of the smell – a deep penetration of substances into the structure of the carpet or furniture, which begin to grow bacteria and molds, spores of which are in contact with moist environment to sprout. The solution to this problem – high-quality wet deep cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.
Неприятный запах мебели. Удаление запаха мягкой мебели и ковров.
Upholstered furniture has such a property, as the absorption of odors from the environment in which he is located.The most common are odors from Pets, cooking, the smell of sweat, urine, smoke, mildew, and odor from anything that was spilled on the fabric. Natural and synthetic fabric are more porous material than the skin, so dirt and odors will penetrate them more quickly. Get rid of odors on their own is very difficult, if not impossible, even if you spend a lot of time and money.
Trying to remove stains and odors from the sofa, as a rule, many RUB clean upholstery fabric, but it does not take into account that highly moisturize the layers of fabric and foam of the sofa under the upholstery.
Cleaning upholstered furniture often leads to the appearance of mold and smell inside furniture as a result of reproduction in the deep layers of foam microorganisms. In addition, due to the excess moisture causes corrosion of metal structures of the frame under the upholstery and the appearance of rust spots on the outside of upholstered furniture, as well as deformation or sagging upholstered furniture on seats, armrests and backrests.
Excess moisture not only creates an unpleasant smell and damages the furniture, but can cause allergic or asthmatic symptoms in sensitive people.