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Cleaning and maintenance of carpet

Ковровое покрытие перед чисткой. Химчистка, чистка ковровых покрытий и ковров.Ковровое покрытие перед чисткой. Химчистка, чистка ковровых покрытий и ковров.

Getting started cleaning carpets made of artificial materials, you need to consider that it is very capricious in care, and require the owner of a certain experience. Experts in the field of cleaning to reduce the pollution threshold before the offer to place a special stain-resistant Mat, which will accumulate in themselves the bulk of the sand and dirt, preventing it from penetrating the carpet. In addition, at least twice a week should be carried out cleaning of carpets domestic vacuum cleaner. Carpet before cleaning. Dry cleaning, cleaning of carpets and rugs.But wet cleaning to get involved is not necessary, because in the manufacture of modern carpets use a special impregnation, which prevents the penetration of dust and dirt inside. Steam cleaners can destroy this useful impregnation. In addition, fiber is not dried before the end of the carpet can start to rot. Therefore, wet cleaning of carpet should only be performed by specialists kliningovykh companies. The use of professional detergents, combined with professionalism will bring excellent results. Examples of our work on the cleaning of carpets...