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Removing urine smell

We should also focus on removing the smell of urine. Urine consists of 3 main components: urea in the form of a sticky part, soluble in water; urochrome, gives colour to the urine; uric acid in the form of colourless crystals, sparingly soluble in water and ethanol.

Запах кошки. Удаление запаха животных и мочи. Химчистка ковров и мягокой мебели.Uric acid crystals often just dries and can be noticeable on the carpets and upholstered furniture. When it is also influenced by moisture, sweat or, again, the urine smell comes back again. Will smell will depend on how much time has passed since the appearance of urine stains on the product, and whose urine was - animal or human. As the penetration of urine crystals urine dissolves into dust, some is dissolved directly into the textile fibers of the upholstery and lining layers. Time spent deep cleaning of sofas or carpets with stains of urine, will help You likely to get rid of this smell.

It is useless to use household cleaning products and folk ways (vinegar, potassium permanganate) to remove odor and just pouring them on the carpet, mattress or sofa upholstery. These detergents will remain on the surface and inside the product, and their effect will apply only to a small depth. In addition, using a sponge or cloth, You are too wet the product and can not get contamination from the inside of the mattress or sofa, which may lead to a further strengthening of the smell of urine, and increase in spots on the surface stick. The deep cleaning with special cleaners will help likely to get rid of odors and stains and return the product a fresh look.