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Modern furniture fabrics and care for them

Special upholstery furniture fabrics possess properties such as high wear resistance, fire resistance and environmental friendliness. Consider the features of the most popular upholstery fabrics and care for them.
Картинки по запросу жаккард мебельная ткань фото
Jacquard is a refined furniture fabric, having many valuable properties. It is resistant to wear, durable and easy to handle. Jacquard various colors and patterns. Jacquard fabrics are created under computer control, allowing the diversity of their design.
Jacquard can be made with natural fabrics (cotton or silk threads), with different density and relief. The same number of synthetic and natural threads - standard composition of the jacquard. Depending on the method of production distinguish between "woven" and "print" jacquard. 
Картинки по запросу мебельная ткань шенилл фото
Chenille – a spectacular furniture fabric with jacquard weaving, which is made of pile yarn in accordance with the technology, "the braided candle". Can consist of synthetic (polyester) yarns, and blended yarns (polyester-acrylic). In the process of production of tissue of longitudinal yarns interwoven with transverse threads in the weaving of chenille yarns in the very structure of the canvas. This technology of production of fabrics allows to obtain a variety of color options, as the pattern and color of fabric may be created through the weave of colored yarns with each other, not only by the color.
Natural chenille is made from cotton and synthetic fibers in varying percentages, but with a predominance of natural fibers, such as, for example, two-thirds cotton, one-third polyester. Cotton gives chenille antistatic properties. The cloth is pleasant to the touch. Synthetic filaments provide strength and preserve the color of the fibers. Synthetic chenille includes a polyester or micropolyester. 
The name of the considered tissue means "caterpillar" (from the French word "chenille"). This is not surprising since yarns of chenille like shaggy caterpillars. If the filament is made correctly, it is virtually inextensible. The strength of the fabric and its quality is determined by the number of chenille threads per unit area of fabric. Chenille is characterized by durability. It is widely used for manufacturing of soft chairs and sofas. Shinill can successfully be combined with the furniture velour and jacquard.
Картинки по запросу мебельная ткань гобелен фото
The tapestry is jacquard fabric, made of cotton, synthetic or wool yarn on special machines. Often tapestries are composed of cotton and synthetic fibres, in equal shares. Tapestry fabric is thick, with original drawings and patterns. Meet one-layer and two-layer tapestries, with unilateral and bilateral patterns. This modern material is extremely robust, resistant to wear and high quality. Has a good performance. Furniture, covered with tapestry, is not only suitable for homes but also for public premises, bringing to the interior uniqueness.
Recommendation for the care of jacquard fabrics, chenille and tapestry: weekly removing dust from the surface of the furniture with a vacuum cleaner or with a sponge, soft brush. Dry clean only to avoid shrinkage of fabrics composed of natural fibers. Spilled liquid on the furniture should be removed immediately to prevent spreading of the contamination and deep penetration of liquid into the fabric structure. Use only neutral detergents. Fabric cannot be bleached. Stains should never be rubbed, you need to wet them. When removing stains use easily absorbent cloth or soft sponge. To remove stains, you need a circular motion from the edges to the center to avoid spreading stains on the surface. In the process of removing contaminants and water should be restricted. Avoid exposing the furniture to direct sunlight.
Картинки по запросу Велюр  для диванов фото
Velour - a fabric that is made by weaving a combination of 5 natural and synthetic fibers. This allows you to create a fabric with high performance: velour delicate, but durable fabric. Is a durable heavy fabric with a thick pile. Upholstery fabric is velour and smooth, and embossed. Furniture is a fairly common velour upholstery fabric.
This type of fabric may have a finish stamping. Rich and luxurious fabric. Velour translated from Latin means "hairy". Velour is considered a hypoallergenic fabric with anti-static properties. This luxurious material makes the house atmosphere of comfort, warmth and inimitable comfort, giving the interior an elegant look.
Care furniture velour is simple, with the help of vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning. It is also possible for this purpose to use a brush for clothes. Stains from the suede you want to clean up immediately after contamination of the tissue tightening. Use a damp, clean cloth and a cleaning foam. 
Картинки по запросу Скотчгард для диванов фото
Scotchgard, is a cotton, twill fabric with solid color or printed pattern, with special impregnation prevents contamination from dust, oil, dirt and moisture. Hence, these fabrics are resistant to dirt and easy to operate. This kind of furniture fabric widely used for models with removable covers and "French sofa".
Care scotchgarded. It is recommended to regularly clean the fabric surface of the furniture with a brush with soft hair. You can also remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Removable covers of Scotchgard normally stand washing at 30 ° C in soapy water. Cases erased completely, and not specific areas. Remove stains with Scotchgard required immediately. Not to wash the contamination with plenty of water, as this may cause stains on the fabric. Do not use bleach! Otherwise it will cause a violation of the colouring and structure of the tissue. Drip dry, avoiding direct sunlight. Fresh wet and greasy smudges from furniture surfaces from Scotchgard can easily remove and attach to stain the towel, absorbent water. Contaminated area furniture fabrics need to handle a small amount of water with a mild soap. After 3 minutes after applying the soap solution to wash the stain in a circular motion using a soft sponge. This method of stain removal is appropriate for the immediate removal of simple dirt. The removal of strong pollution trust the professionals. 
Faux suede
Faux suede is in two ways: woven and nonwoven. Suede, woven made way better and more expensive. Dubbed call of suede with the suede upper layer and the lining. Single suede has a single layer. Faux suede is a fabric imitation natural counterpart. This new generation of cloth.
For the care of upholstered furniture, faux suede should be applied gentle cleansers. Fresh stains from suede can be removed easily. For cleaning of this upholstery and acceptable dry and wet cleaning. When wet cleaning is used soap: furniture suede wipe soapy solution with a soft sponge, dried it with a towel that smoothes the hairs surface. To maintain furniture in good condition, it is recommended to vacuum it. Thus you will prolong its service life.
Картинки по запросу микрофибра для диванов фото
Microfiber textile is resistant to chemicals and fading durable fabric a new generation. Its composition can consist of cotton and polyester. The fabric is made of ultra-thin fibers with a diameter of not more than 0.06 µm. Microfiber evenly distributes static electricity. It is pleasant to the touch. The greatest demand is microfiber, resembling wool, and printed microfiber. Very popular microfiber with a pattern applied with a laser. Microfiber is perfect for any upholstered furniture.
Care furniture microfiber. The fabric is easy to clean. Fresh stains of tea and coffee can be removed with soap and water solution applied to the contaminated tissue by means of a soft sponge. Not old ink stains, berries and chocolate try to remove using special cleaning products for upholstered furniture, water-based. However, it is advisable to wipe the stain, to avoid tissue damage and worsening of pollution, and to consult a specialist for professional wet cleaning of furniture. 
Furniture fur
Картинки по запросу мебельный мех фото
Furniture fur resembles an exotic abstract patterns, skins of wild animals. This addition of modern interior design is in fashion today. Characteristic of natural fibers and cap with breathable cloth base. Chairs and sofas, upholstered furniture, fur look original and luxurious.
Care furniture fur is not difficult. It requires only knowledge of and compliance with certain rules. Do not wash. Oily and wet spots removed with soap and water using a soft sponge. Then, you should dry the surface of the tissue in a natural way, thus removing the towel remaining moisture and restoring the NAP in a circular motion. More difficult stains are treated with special products for furniture water-based. It is not recommended to comb your fur. If it needs to be done, use a comb with very few teeth. 
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