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Minor repair of upholstered furniture

If your furniture, where it went the fabric, the mechanisms are untwisted, loosened, then worry about it not worth it, because now the company, performs minor repairs of upholstered furniture. Minor damage, which were still a problem for You, we'll fix it.

If the sofa is almost new, but it where you got the bracket, or did the fabric, the mechanisms are loose and require adjustment, do not necessarily have to call in firms engaged in the hauling, it will be expensive and not logical, it is possible that many will even give up similar.

And to solve this problem, without a specific tool that may be useful only in such a situation, and then will gather dust on the shelves of your apartment, salamlay the extra space, as you do not want and do not want to spend the extra money.

We make minor furniture repairs and problems will step to the side, and your furniture will continue to delight the eye. Until the service goes further, it can be ordered together with the cleaning of sofa, chair or carpet, and cleaning the apartment.