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Dry cleaning office chair

Office chairs with soft seats and backs, can be seen in any company. Immediately this furniture looks attractive, but then it loses its appearance: the accumulated dust inside and the upholstery is soiled. How to solve this problem?

Order the cleaning of chairs cleaning company "UBERI.BY" and you will be able to:
• refresh your furniture and bring to the initial view;
• to maintain a positive attitude of the office staff;
• to focus on the features of your company's image in the eyes of visitors.
We talked about the cleaning on the example of office chairs, but all of the above is true for chairs and upholstered furniture at home. To order the cleaning of the chairs in our company , you will not have to worry about delivery of products to the service provider – because all work is carried out directly at the location of the customer.
The service itself includes:
• dry cleaning (the removal of small dust particles and hair);
• handling cleaning agents that penetrate deep into the upholstery and push the dust and dirt out;
• removing stains from the surface;
• the removal of detergent residues and moisture extractor;
Professional equipment, effective detergents and professionalism of our employees allow us to remove even ingrained dirt from the surface of the chairs. The color of the upholstery is maintained, and the furniture looks refreshed.
Cleaning products used for our masters, non-toxic and harmless to humans and animals. Clean the chairs as necessary – this will not affect the health of your employees.
In the company "UBERI.BY" you can order the cleaning of the chairs as fabric and leather. If you wish, You can make a contract for permanent service, make urgent order and to choose the most convenient payment method.
To see the video of cleaning the office chair from the company You can here.