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Dry cleaning of sofa or hauling?

It is better to clean the sofa or to pull it? This question is asked by many people, the furniture which began to look not attractive.
New furniture costs a lot, and the old yet sturdy enough to throw out then we are asking to clean the sofa or to pull him.
Let me try to help You in this difficult matter, by weighing all the pros and cons, as I see the situation.
The advantages of banners is of course the new look of your sofa and still bounciness.
Cons: high cost, a standard sofa is about 50-100 dollars (and that's without replacement of foam and spring units). The execution of the work comes from 4 hours to 2 days. The replacement tissue may be of poor quality (originally, the sofa is covered with factory cloth that meets the standard, as in most cases it means that it is designed for a certain period of operation).
The advantages of cleaning the sofa is a substantial difference in price, turnaround time for 1.5 hours, and your sofa will look as when you bought it.
The downside is that it will not be as with the store counter (we clean the fabric, but not return it to prominence and faded color). The inner foam will be cleaned from dust, dirt and parasites, but will not be as springy as before (if it has already broken and deformed over time, this usually happens with poor quality sofas and couches which served for more than 8 years) after cleaning your furniture is barely damp, just not sit. A drying period of 6-8 hours on average.
Knowing all these pros and cons, let's summarize. Your sofa is still strong, but it appeared stains and smell, You like the fabric that covered it and You wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on its constriction, in this case it is necessary to order cleaning of sofa from us.
Another option your fabric shed, broke there, and there, the foam subsided. Then You should her and to pull.