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Cleaning carpets with long pile

Long-pile carpet is a decoration for any apartment. Soft and furry, he is like a magnet attracts. However, it is not only attractive for You, your family and Pets, but also for various microorganisms. As a result of their vital activity, in the past colorful and nice, the carpet becomes hard and faded.
It is a proven fact that when purchasing the home long-pile carpet, you by default agree on the complicated battle to preserve the original appearance Kovar, losing for You. For this type of carpet cleaning vacuuming is not enough, and to beat out a carpet on the street will have enough patience not everyone.
The wear of the carpet is due to inadequate and untimely cleaning modes: pile crush, formed of matted and hard fiber appears dull and worn appearance. Every owner of the carpet must reflect on the fact that the content of mud, one meter square of carpet can reach up to one kilogram of dirt!
Access for owners is to conduct long-pile cleaning rugs and carpets of the professionals. The result quality made cleaning of such coatings are obvious and will save your carpet from the consequences of your own cleaning with the use of mismatched methods and tools.