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Carpet cleaning in kindergartens, sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers

As in the other institutions, in hospitals and rehabilitation centers also have soft furnishings and carpets, which will eventually become inoperative due to dirt collecting in them, which is not permissible in such institutions, and elsewhere.
But in these medical hospitals the sterility to be appreciated even more, because there are sick people with diseases of the respiratory tract of the stomach and other things.
For this reason it is important than they will breathe in the wards: dust and dirt and to have constant contact with germs that accumulate in carpets and furniture or to give them a chance to breathe clean air after cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets? The answer is obvious.
But how to choose a service that will clean Your carpets effectively and at the same time not 
put You and Your patients the dangers of inhaling fumes of detergents? Here we can offer their services - we already have rich experience in this field: kindergartens, schools, sanatoriums.
We use cleaning products that are maximally safe, hypoallergenic, biodegradable. They will help to get rid of dirt, germs, without causing harm to all individuals.We also have the opportunity to make You a discount on the price and terms of the order.
Choosing the dry cleaning of sofas, carpets and other upholstered furniture from us, You get security, cleanliness with a minimum expenditure of time and money.