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Cleaning service

Dry cleaning sofas, cleaning rugs and carpets at home and in the office, cleaning of mattresses, armchairs, chairs, in Minsk and Minsk region (10-15 km), remove odors, removing stains of different complexity, apartment cleaning, after construction cleaning houses and other premises, – all these services are provided


The most advanced technologies of deep wet cleaning, the professional equipment of KARCHER, NUMATIC, professional detergents the well-established European companies ECOLAB, KIEHL, to remove most odors and stains from your furniture, carpets and mattresses. 

We offer only professional service in the field of cleaning, monitor their reputation and seeks to ensure that all clients, be satisfied of our work and become our regular customers. All our services are available at reasonable prices. Payment methods cash and cashless payments
With the quality of our work can be found here. 
Professional cleaning will help you to get rid not only of stains and odors, but also most harmful bacteria and parasites, and the process of implementation of the cleaning will not bring discomfort to You and Your family. Over 7 years we are fighting against dirt and unpleasant odours, constantly improving. 
Customers recommendation: do not attempt to remove stains in the top right-hand means. Such actions can further consolidate a spot or disrupt the structure of the fabric and its color. Chemistry and residues in place of mashing because of its sticky consistency can lead to a further accumulation of dirt.
Let Your homes and offices will be clean!