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Dry cleaning and dry cleaning of sofas, upholstered furniture

Dry cleaning of sofa and chairs in Minsk and Minsk district be held at the highest level, in the craft we do and are constantly improving. An extraction method of deep cleaning of upholstered furniture this way is the most effective and allows you to remove most contaminants.

The principle of operation is that the detergents penetrate deeply inside the product, absorb dirt, dust, microorganisms and their waste products, and then get the furniture through rinsing and sucking. Cleaning upholstered furniture is necessary, because over time it accumulates a lot of dust, pathogenic microorganisms.

Separately want to dwell on the removal of odor from the sofa. Usually the reason for this is Pets at home, presence of young children. If the urine went deep into the furniture, there was a smell, then, believe me, You will not fix it. In this case, you need to urgently contact the experts.

Removing stains and odors rather laborious process. For each such pollution is treated individually, as each spot has its own characteristics, composition and the period of limitation of pollution. After we made cleaning the furniture is slightly wet, full natural drying occur within 6-8 hours.

Examples of our work on cleaning upholstered furniture and cleaning of sofas You can find