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Why Your company should choose to conduct the cleaning of  carpets,  upholstered  furniture, cleaning the apartment? We  provide only high quality  cleaning, a high level  of service and  adhere to the acceptable cost of our  services. 

Advantages of our service: 

- efficiency of services provided;
- high quality of cleaning;
- for each type of stains and soils for each type of tissue has its own special and effective formulation. The knowledge of these chemicals and their correct use provides high-quality cleaning;
- friendliness, safety of detergents (Ecolab, Kiehl's, etc.). All cleaning products have certificates of quality and hygiene.
accurately determining the type and degree of pollution, the optimal cleaning method used by professional German equipment "Karcher" and the English equipment "Numatic".
- How to carry out the cleaning of the carpet in our office, if it has a high degree of permeability in the course of the working day? We have a flexible work schedule, so work is performed by us after the close of business firms and banks. Also possible night schedule.
- How long is the drying out of carpeting and upholstered furniture? Within an average of 6-8 hours. The exact time will depend on the type of contamination and type of material. 
- Does it cost more for Your services than the services of other companies? The price range in some companies is significantly higher. We are well aware in this issue because we regularly investigate market conditions of cleaning services in Belarus. We offer reasonable prices in combination with high professional level of performance. 
- Is it always the result of the cleaning meets the customer's expectations? In most cases, Yes. However, there are factors, which greatly complicate the process of dry cleaning:
1. The purchaser before arrival of specialist attempt to remove existing contamination under the hands of the wrong means. Many consumer cleaning products lead to "consolidation" of stains, odors and other contaminants on the product. 
2. For stubborn dirt or stains, especially stains from wine, fruit drinks, blood, ink, and markers. The spots zakreplyaetsya in the tissue and remove them in such a case is extremely difficult.
3. The customer had previously sought to non-professional artists who, using the incorrect methods of work, causing even more dust and dirt on the surface of carpets and upholstered furniture.
- If You use safe detergents for people and animals? We care about Your safety, using only approved cleaning products, certified according to hygienic standards of the Republic of Belarus that are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, safe for people and Pets. 
- Does Your company bonus system of discounts for customers? Our company conducts periodic promotions where additional discounts on services.