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Carpet cleaning and floor covering

Each of us has a recurring need for to clean the carpeting. The reasons for it are natural impurities caused by human activities, the presence of pets in the apartments and the natural presence of some natural allergens, pathogens and dust mites. Regular cleaning of carpets in your home will enable you to keep your accommodation clean, get rid of pathogens, remove odours, stains, and thus extend the lifespan of your favourite carpets and keep the apartment clean.

If you are not sure that you will be able to remove stains and odours from the item independently, we recommend to turn to professionals, since independent cleaning with the use of domestic detergents may deteriorate the state of the item and result in a bigger stain, dye fading, further fixation of the impurity in the tissue fibres. All this complicates the process of odour and stain removal or renders it impossible. We use the wet method of carpet cleaning. Wet extraction cleaning method enables to remove even the deepest and most resistant impurities, odours and stains. All carpeting can be conventionally divided into the following types: synthetic, natural, long-pile rugs.

The cleaning process involves the following steps - cleanser application onto the item, removal of allergens, pet hair, odours, stains, harmful bacteria by deep wet cleaning. All cleaning agents are removed from the item by rinsing after the cleaning. Natural drying of carpets or sofa.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize again that we exercise individual approach to every item during its cleaning, doing our best and using all of our experience, knowledge and skills to ensure the best result, which is often impossible to achieve with the automatic carpets cleaning line.

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